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Terres de Foy - mars 2016 - complément n°1

8 mars 2016 par Marie France R

Cet article se trouve dans Terres de Foy mais en français. Amis Anglais, le voici dans votre langue.

In 2010 we decided to retire to France, primarily for the warmer climate & clean air. Graham suffered with bronchitis in the last few winters in the damp & overcrowded S.E. England. We knew this area from years of happy caravanning holidays. At first we rented, taking our time to decide on the right situation for us, and were in a position to commission the building of our own house. We were helped immensely by Calum Neil, of Aquitaine Homes in Ste Foy la Grande. Looking ahead to our advancing years, we chose a flat plot of land, & the house is on one level.

We have created a garden that will largely look after itself, and for the first time have the pleasure of growing fruit and a few vegetables. We have been delighted with the warm welcome & helped by our neighbours in the commune of St Philippe du Seignal, & Ann bas now joined the commune choir. Ann’s French from her schooldays is a bit rusty, & Graham had only a few words, but both are improving. We were so pleased to find so many of the French people who can speak “a little English” when our French is inadequate. Of course there are some things that we still find confusing. The traffic anomalies of the “give way” & “stop” signs, and the use (or not) of car indicators demand concentration when driving. The many layers of bureaucracy sometimes defy our English logic, and why is it that (some) shops of the same name but in different towns do not communicate with each other regarding stock availability ? It was this particular situation that caused us to travel to many towns when searching for a suitable rented property to rent.

It is of course, a big adjustment to leave the family in the UK, especially as the 3rd grandchild was born just as we were leaving, but they have their own lives to lead, and now have a welcoming place to come to for holidays. What has really helped us to feel at home here is the English speaking Christian Fellowship, (agapefellowshipindordogne.org), whose members are now our closest friends. It is a ready made community that is always ready with a helping hand whenever needed. We were delighted to be given permission sing for the “Joy of Christmas” in front of the Mairie at St Foy la Grande on market day, to share in carols (in both English & French) that express the true meaning of Christmas. This is a particular privilege that we treasure in the UK.

We look forward to making more friends as the years roll by, and our language skills develop.

Ann and Graham Wooldrige

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